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Idaho Meadows America Heritage

Dam:  Idaho Meadows Allegiance

Sire: Idaho Meadows End Survivor

Heritage profile.jpg

Heritage is such a flashy, classy doe kid... She was a last minute keeper.  We'll see how she matures.  She will be our first kid out of our Survivor buck.  His claim to fame in our herd is his high fore-udder.  She will be a dry yearling for the 2023 season and be bred for fall kidding.

Heritage NEWDGA 23_edited.jpg

Kidding Record

2024 - 

DHIR Record

2024 - 

2023 - 2x 6th, 1x 10th place • NEWDGA Show, Davenport WA

         - 1x 11th 1x 6th place  • CdA Fuzzy Show, Coeur d'Alene, ID

2022 - 2x 1st place Jr Kid • NEWDG, Spokane WA

Show wins

Linear Appraisal

2024 -  

Heritage 2022


Idaho Meadows Allegiance

Allie BR 2021.jpg
Alle Udder 2022


Survivor 2022
Piper udder_edited.jpg

Idaho Meadows End Survivor

Heritage's Kids

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