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Sales  Policy

Kid Reservations: $50.00

We operate on a first come, first serve basis in the order deposits are received.  Once a deposit is received, the choice is reserved.  The balance will then be due within 10 days after notification of birth. If payment is not received within 10 day, the reserved kid will be made available for sale, and reservation may be forfeited.


Prices quoted are for pre-ordered kids picked up (or shipped) by 5 weeks of age. Any animal not shipped or picked up by the time they are 5 weeks of age will be subject to a boarding fee per day unless previous arrangements have been made.


All animal sales are final. If your choice of kid is not available and your reservation is not filled, we can hold your deposit over until the following year, move the reservation to another available animal, or refund your deposit. We will gladly refund your deposit or transfer it to another kid if that is your desire; however, there are no refunds on canceled orders.

All shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer, as is the cost of any testing (and related veterinary expenses) required for interstate or international shipment. Shipping costs would include a crate, airfare, and health certificate. No animal will be shipped until all fees (estimated airfare, crate, and health certificate in addition to the animal cost) and boarding bills are paid in full (either through cash, money order, a cleared check or PayPal transfer). If possible, we would invite you to pick up your kid in person so that you can see your kid and its relatives. We provide ADGA registration and transfer for any kid purchased by an ADGA member. 


 We can ship by air.  Prices listed do not include an interstate health certificate, additional tests at the request of the buyer, or any transportation costs, such as shipping, kennel, or mileage. We are 1½ hours from the nearest airports: Spokane International Airport. 

Regarding International orders: There are additional in cost as there is much work and time involved in the process.  The cost is on an individual basis.  

We are strong supporters of 4H & youth “farmers”. We offer 4H and FFA discounts. We also offer pet, wether, and pack animal discounts.  Discounts are also available on group purchases of 2 or more animals. All discounts are only valid for purchases paid in full at time of pick-up or delivery.

Animal Health:
Health is an especially important aspect in our animals. We are an active, working dairy, so in addition to annual Tuberculosis and Brucellosis testing, and CAE/CL/Johnes testing, our milk is tested monthly for herd health and safety. G6S testing has also been done and our animals are normal in status through testing or parentage. We do not knowingly sell animals with health or reproductive problems. With annual negative CAE test results, we feed our babies their mother’s milk in its natural raw state; however, we are happy feed your kid(s) pasteurized milk if that is your preference. We also only vaccinate as needed. With your paid reservation, we are happy to honor your choice, please let us know if you have a preference.

Mature does and bucks are sometimes available, please refer to our sales page.

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