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Idaho Meadows Wild Epiphany

Dam:  Idaho Meadows Hidden Echo

Sire: Wingwood Farm Mojo Arch Bishop

Epiphany profile.jpg

Epiphany is our first doe out of Archi, our new WingWood buck.  She is a looker, showing a lot of promise in her body type and dairy character.  She is a ham, demands to be the center of attention. Excited to see her grow into a mature doe.

Epiphany NEWDGA 23_edited.jpg

Kidding Record

2023 - 

DHIR Record

2023 - 

2023 - 3x 1st place Sr kid • NEWDGA Show, Davenport WA

         - 2x 3rd place Sr kid • CdA Fuzzy Show, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Show wins

Linear Appraisal

2023 - 

Epiphany 1 wk.jpg


Idaho Meadows Hidden Echo

Echo BR 2021.jpg
Echo udder BR 2021.jpg


Archie 2022_edited.jpg

Wingwood Farm Mojo Arch Bishop

Epiphany's Kids

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