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Idaho Meadows Legendary Triump

Dam:  Idaho Meadows Hidden Echo

Sire: Royal Highlands True Truimph

Legend face.jpg

Legend is a Triumph daughter out of Echo. I am anticipating a strong doe with lots of milk production!

(2024) Legend continues to improve and increase in production.  She is gaining more width in rear udder.  She is a solid Doe.

(2023) Pretty happy with how she is milking this year.  Over 4lbs a milking 4 days in. Still super easy to milk with a really wide rear udder.  Definitely  keeping one of her does this year.

(2022) Legend freshened in April with a single buck. She has a high and tight udder that milks out completely.  Really nice on the stand, no fuss, no muss. She is producing a little less than I like to see in a first freshener out of this line, less than 7lbs a day, but since she only had a single kid and is still young, we'll see how she does next year.  

Legacy NEWDGA 23.jpg
Legend udder NEWDGA 23.jpg

Kidding Record

2024 - Apr 07 • 1 doe, 2 bucks

2023 - Apr 18 • 2 does, 1 buck 

2022 - Apr 28 • 1 buck

DHIR Record

2023 - In progress

2022 - 1249lbs • 4.5% fat • 3.8% Pro - 294 days

Show Wins

2023 - 1x 4th, 2x 3rd place 2yr old  • NEWDGA Show, Davenport WA

         - 2x 4th place 2yr old • CdA Fuzzy Show, Coeur d'Alene, ID

2022 - 1x 1st, 1x2, 1x 3rd place yearling milker • NEWDGA Show, Spokane WA 

Linear Appraisal

2023 - 2yrs 6mo VGGV 85

2022 - 1yr 4mo +++G 77

Legend BR 2021.jpg


Idaho Meadows Hidden Echo

Echo BR 2021.jpg
Echo udder BR 2021.jpg


Triumph Spring 2021_edited.jpg
Triumph dams udder_edited.jpg

Royal Highlands True Triumph

Legend's Kids

2023 - Twins, doe & buck

Resolute 4 day.jpg

Resolute - Retained

Legends buck R14.jpg

R15 Buck kid - Sold

Legends R16 Doe_edited.jpg

R16 Doe Kid - Sold

2022 - Single Buck

Legend buck_edited.jpg

Buckling newborn

Legend buck older.jpg

Buck kid 9 weeks - Sold

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