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Idaho Meadows Hidden Echo

Dam:  SG Idaho Meadows Secret Delight

Sire: Risin' Creek Caramel Pecan 


(2022) This girl is taking a down year. Not gonna lie, kinda bummed about it. She picked a bad year to take off since we are finally getting a Linear Appraisal done. Been 3 years because of Covid. She put on some extra weight over winter, bred multiple times before settling and freshened late with 1 small buck kid.  Really never fully came into her milk this year, she is only milking about 7lbs a day.  Will dry her off early and get her bred early.  


(2021) Echo freshened on Feb 8th with twins, a buck and a doe. Bred to Triumph this year, we are liking the results. We will retain the doe, buck kid is available. She is milking a steady 9-10lbs a day. She sure is an easy milker. 


(2020) Echo freshened on Feb 12th with 2 does and a buck, fairly smooth kidding once she finally got serious.  She had us going for about 10 days, looking like she was in early labor, we'd spend the day vigilant, then nothing... When she finally went, it was obvious she had been trying to expel a little doe kid that had died in utero, by my guess - about 10 days earlier. We are very pleased with the other doe and buck. They are our first River kids.  Bree, the doe will join the herd, her brother went to a

4-H kiddo. She is already milking 8lbs a day 3 weeks fresh.

(2019) Echo was a dry Senior kid this year.  Showed pretty good and got a good year of growing in. 

Echo BR 2021.jpg
Echo udder BR 2021.jpg

Kidding Record

2022 - May 2 • 1 Buck
2021 - Feb 7  • 1 Buck, 1 Doe
​2020 - Feb 12 • 2 Does,1 buck

DHIR Record

2022 - In progress

2021 - 2640lbs • 5.0% fat • 3.8% Pro - 305 days 
2020 - 2034lbs • 4.92% fat • 4.8% Pro -297 days

Show Wins

2022 - 2x 2nd place 3yr old • CdA Fuzzy Show, Coeur d'Alene, ID

         - 1x 4th, 2x 5th place 3rd od • NEWDGA Show, Spokane WA 
2021 - 2x 3rd place 2yr old • CdA Fuzzy Show, Coeur d'Alene, ID
        - 1x 1st, 1x 3rd place 2yr old • Bitterroot Dairy Show, Hamilton MT
​2020 - No shows
2019 - 2x's 1st place 8-12 months (single entry) • Bitterroot Dairy Show, Hamilton, MT
        - ADGA Nationals - 8th Place 8-12 Months Dry Yearling
        - 1x Junior Champion, 1x 1st, 1x 2nd place dry yearling • Wildrose show, Clayton, WA

Linear Appraisal

2021 - Not Offered
​2020 - cancelled

Echo ribbons_edited.jpg


SG Idaho Meadows Secret Delight

0618161143b_resized (2)_edited.jpg


Paco 2014 Appraisals.JPG
GGH Risin' Creek Carmel Sunday udder_edited.jpg

Risin' Creek Caramel Pecan

Echo's Kids

2022 - Single Buck

Echo buck rear 2022

Buckling 5 weeks - sold

2021 - Twins, doe & buck

Echo newborns 2021.jpg

Newborn twins

echos buck newborn 2021.jpg

Buck kid day old - Sold

Echo's Legend 9 weeks 2021.jpg

Legend at 9 weeks

2020 - Triplets, 2 does (1 stillborn) & 1 buck

Echo kids newborn.jpg


Bree 3 weeks.jpg

Bree at 3 weeks

Echo buck.jpg

Buck kid at 10 weeks - sold

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