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Our Girls Grazing

Idaho Meadows Dairy Farm

- Since 1999 -

2024 Kidding Season off to a great Start
Check out the 2024 Breeding page or visit the For Sale page!

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Our Farm

We are located in beautiful North Idaho, surrounded by mountains and lakes.  Here at Idaho Meadows, we are committed to preserving the family farm heritage. Our focus is on small scale, high quality, sustainable, hands-on management.  Our All Natural approach to animal husbandry and product handling ensures the highest quality.

Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats

 - What we're all about -

We began raising Dairy Goats back in 2000.  We were simply looking for an alternative to cow's milk due to allergies.  We purchased a trio of Nubian Does along with a buck kid... and we were goners!  

Our breeding philosophy stems from our desire to maintain a back-to-basics, simple, yet wholesome  lifestyle.

Over the years, we have worked hard to improve our herd.  We participate in Appraisals, Dairy Herd Improvement Registry(DHIR) and attend a few shows to "rub shoulders" with other breeders.  Our goal is to raise a large, full bodied doe (sometimes referred to as the "old style" Nubian) with an emphasis on quality & quantity milk production. We work towards a user friendly udder and teat assembly for ease of milking.  Equally important is a well-mannered temperament.  When you spend as much time with your girls as we do, it's important to enjoy them.  We also pay particular attention to how well a genetic line maintains their health, in other words, are they an easy keeper or do they need a lot of special attention to care for.  We try not to lose sight of the big picture, in other words, our goal is to not sacrifice milk production and other important qualities in our quest for the ideal show goat.  It is definitely a life-long project. ​

2019 ADGA Nationals Adventure
Redmond OR

1st time participating in the National Show! We had a great time.  Learned a lot, brought home 3 ribbons, met a lot of neat people. It was exhausting & exhilarating. Good thing Nationals only comes to the NW once every five years... it will take us that long to recover.  

Nationals pens
Nationals ribbons
2019.ADGA Nationals Jr Show - Idaho Meadows True Liberty
National table

2021 - Very busy year for us! Glad to report an easy kidding season with Sandy being the only doe to shake things up.  She quietly kidded 4 little does without any warning early one cold morning. Lost 1 before we found the gang. (she's a little lacking in the mothering department) We were a little disappointed since we went through the trouble of breeding her out in hopes of retaining a new buck for the farm. After a few hours of diligently working to get the remaining 3 kids on their feet, I noticed mom not looking like she should.. checked and found another kid wedged across the birth canal - that's number 5! Turned out to be the buck we were hoping for, and to top it off, he survived. Hence his name - End Survivor.  In other news... we bought a farm store in the midst of fall breeding season. So kidding season is a little mucked up this year.  Milk supply for customers will be impacted some, but we will do our best.  Making new plans to keep more does on the milk line for production sake.  Sure missing the cheese this year.  In addition it was a tough year with ADGA - New software interfered with registrations and we were not on the Appraisal schedule again this year.  We'll see what happens in 2022.

Spring 2020 - This has been a crazy year so far and we're only half way through. Echo started off the season with a prolonged labor that resulted in a buck and 2 does, one was stillborn.  We are retaining the doeling, the little buck went to a 4-H kiddo.  Next up... Medora kidded 2 bucks then went down with milk fever and we lost her.  We'll keep one of her bucks in order to retain her genetics.  Intrigue had a terrible kidding, ended up with 1 live buck (doe was stillborn) and then lost Intrigue.  I've never seen anything like it! America then had a single buck, huge guy.  I sure hope the rest of kidding season is uneventful.  Rough year all around, Looking forward to 2020 in the rear-view!

Spring 2019 - Another Great kidding season. When we looked at our breeding plan last fall, we realized our lines needed a little diversity.  We chose to lease a buck.  We actually bred out to 2 different bucks and came across a buck kid we decided to purchase. When it rains... We kidded out 4 does this spring.  2 3yr olds and 2 yearlings. 3 sets of buck/doe twins and one set of triplets - 2 bucks and a doe. We have a busy schedule this year with graduations and real life, but are making time for a few shows.  Planning on attending Nationals in Redmond, Oregon.  Hope to see you there!

2019 - Breeding schedule is posted on the Kidding page  

Spring 2018 - We are having a great kidding season this year!  After putting the goats on the back burner the last 2 years to focus on life events for the 2-legged kids, we are back into the swing of things.  As of March 8, three of our senior does have kidded with twins and triplets and we currently have some young stock available.  We will be once again participating in DHIR and Appraisals this year as well.

2018 - Appraisals conflicted with a scheduled family event this year so we will update appraisal scores next year.

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