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Idaho Meadows River Breeze

Dam:  Idaho Meadows Hidden Echo

Sire: DKGH RI River Rock

0619211305c 1_edited.jpg

Bree is our first doe out of River.  She is an elegant lady. Tall and long, she looks like her sire. Really looking forward to freshening her as a yearling in order to see her udder. Update - She is a milking machine!  

(2023) Quints!!! Bree had quintuplets this year. Crazy. 3 does and 2 bucks. Sadly, we lost the 2 that came tail first, the doe at 36hrs, the buck at 4 days. Amazingly they were all born average size.  She is averaging 13lbs a day. 

(2022) Breeze continues to impress us with her ability to milk. She is milking between 11-12lbs a day. She still looks like she's in a goofy growing stage, hopefully she will mature into the big bodied type we shoot for here. 
(2021) This yearling doe blessed us with triplets this year. After a long labor, with a little help, she delivered a whopping 9lb buck kid, breach and sunny-side up. Poor mamma. Not long after, another 9lb buck followed by their 7.5lb sister. She was a little slow to bounce back, but is milking a respectable 6-7lbs a day.  
​(2020) Bree is the first doe kid we retained from our new herdsire, River. We love her elegant style and refined lines. Planning on breeding her to Triumph for late spring kids. Can't wait to see her in production.

Bree Bt 21.jpg
Bree udder bitterroot.jpg

Bee gets the *Most Unphotogenic* Award!!! 

Kidding Record

2023 - Mar 31 • 3 does, 2 bucks

2022 - April 1 • 2 does, 1 buck
​2021 - April 10 • 1 doe, 2 bucks

DHIR Record

2023 - In progress

2022 - 

2021 - 1982lbs • 4.5% fat • 3.8% Pro - 295 days 

Linear Appraisal

2023 - 3yrs 6mo VVVV 86

2022 2yrs 4mo - +V+G79

Show Wins

2022 - 2x 5th, 1x 8th place 2yr old • NEWDGA Show, Spokane WA 
2021 -
​2020 - No shows

Bree 3mo2.jpeg


SG Idaho Meadows Secret Delight

Echo BR 2021.jpg
Echo udder BR 2021.jpg


River BR 2021.jpg
Take me to the River udder_edited.jpg

DKGH RI River Rock

Bree's Kids

2023 - Quintuplets, 3 does & 2 bucks

Newborn Quints

Idaho Meadows Breeze Dancer - Retained

Brees newborn quints_edited.jpg
Bree R7.jpg
Bree R8d.jpg

R8 Buck Kid - Sold

Bree R9a_edited.jpg
brees girls and boys_edited.jpg
Bree R11a_edited.jpg

Idaho Meadows - River Hideaway 

R9 Buck - Died

2022 - Triplets, 2 does, 1 buck

Bree Doe solid.jpg

Idaho Meadows Linger longer

Bree doe splashy.jpg

Doe kid - sold

Bree Buck.jpg

Buck kid - sold

2021 - Triplets, 1 doe, 2 bucks

Bree's Doe kid 10 days 2021

Newborn doe - sold

Breeze's buck 8dys 2021

Buck kid - sold

Breeze buck rear 2021

Buck kid - sold

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