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Idaho Meadows Resolute Faith

Dam:  Idaho Legendary Triump

Sire: Wingwood Farm Mojo Arch Bishop

Resolute profile.jpg

Resolute is such a sweet girl. She is also my favorite color style. I hope she lives up to my expectations and makes the grade as a mature doe.

(2024) Resolute is turning out to be a nice big yearling, easy kidding, easy milking.  She's got a little goofy yearling brain going on, but I think she's got what it takes! So far I like her udder and I think it's going to mature into a really nice, high & tight with the production we like to see. 

Resolute NEWDGA 23_edited.jpg

Kidding Record

2024 - June 19 • 2 Does

DHIR Record

2024 - In Progress 

2023 - 3x 3rd place Apr Kid • NEWDGA Show, Davenport WA


Show wins

Linear Appraisal

2024 - Scheduled

Resolute 4 days_


Idaho Meadows Legendary Triump

Legacy NEWDGA 23.jpg
Legend udder NEWDGA 23.jpg


Archie 2022_edited.jpg

Wingwood Farm Mojo Arch Bichop

Resolute's Kids

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