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Idaho Meadows End Survivor

Dam: Azazel Sands of Time

Sire: Ober-d'Rainbow RYK Endeavor

Surivor's Headshot
Survivor 2022

(2021) Survivor earned his name, no two ways about it. His dam was purchased from Azazel Dairy Goats a few years back to introduce new lines into our herd.  Her genetics traced back to Kastdumer's.... notable to Temerity. (Time in a bottle) Her udder is high and tight with a strong fore udder, a trait we would like to incorporate into our capacious udders.  We bred her out to an outside buck in order to retain a new herdsire.  With great expectation we settled in to wait.  Sandy caught us off guard by kidding in the early hours of the morning, "flinging" kids all over her stall. All 4 of them, all girls. Imagine our disappointment.  After working many hours working with the babies, we managed to save 3 of the 4 does.  Sandy looked off. I checked on her only to discover another kid wedged across the birth canal.  Working to extract what I assumed was a dead kid in order to save mom, I was shocked to find this last little guy alive.  We them spent the rest of the day "saving" our End Surivor.  


Azazel Sands of Time

Sandy udder

Kidding Record


Bree        - 3 does • 2 bucks


Echo       - 1 buck 

Legend  - 1 buck

Alle        - 1 doe • 2 bucks

Linear Appraisal

2022 - 1yr  G+G 79 

Show Wins

2023 - 

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