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Idaho Meadows Breeze Dancer

Dam:  Idaho Meadows River Breeze

Sire: Idaho Meadows End Survivor


Dancer is a doe that we had not planned to keep, but she has the sweetest face and caught Norm's Eye, so we'll see how she grows out. You've got to love those doe eyes! Stay Tuned...

Bree R7.jpg

Kidding Record

2024 - 

DHIR Record

2024 - 

Show Wins

2023 - 1x 2nd 1x 5th Intermediate kid • CdA Fuzzy Show, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Linear Appraisal

2024 - 



Idaho Meadows River Breeze

Bree Bt 21.jpg
Bree udder bitterroot.jpg


Survivor 2022_edited.jpg
Piper udder_edited.jpg

Idaho Meadows End Survivor

Dancer's Kids

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