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Idaho Meadows Linger Longer

Dam:  Idaho Meadows River Breeze

Sire: Royal Highlands True Truimph

Linger face.jpg

Linger is our final Triumph daughter.  One disadvantage to keeping a small herd is managing the bucks. Triumph is one I would have liked to hang on to a little longer, but after using him for a few years, we let him impact the genetics of another herd to make room for more genetics at home.  This is another doe we have high hopes of... looking for that Triumph udder with Breeze's production. We'll breed her late next spring for fall (2023) kids.   

Linger 2022

Kidding Record

2023 - 

DHIR Record

2023 - 

Show Wins

2023 - 1x 7th 1x 5th dry yearling • CdA Fuzzy Show, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Linear Appraisal

2023 - 

Linger baby_edited.jpg


Idaho Meadows River Breeze

Bree Bt 21.jpg
Bree udder bitterroot.jpg


Triumph Spring 2021_edited.jpg
Triumph dams udder_edited.jpg

Royal Highlands True Triumph

Linger's Kids

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