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Idaho Meadows Kindled Fire

Dam:  Idaho Legendary Triump

Sire: Wingwood Farm Mojo Arch Bishop

Kindled fire profile.jpg

Fire is Resolute's littermate and may be the better of the two.  Her substance of bone and dairy character caught my eye and has earned her a shot at becoming one of our working girls. 

Kindled fire  NEWDGA 23_edited.jpg

Kidding Record

2023 - 

DHIR Record

2023 - 

2023 - 3x 2nd place Apr Kid • NEWDGA Show, Davenport WA


Show wins

Linear Appraisal

2023 - 

Legends R16 Doe


Idaho Meadows Legendary Triump

Legacy NEWDGA 23.jpg
Legend udder NEWDGA 23.jpg


Archie 2022_edited.jpg

Wingwood Farm Mojo Arch Bichop

Fire's Kids

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