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Argente Bruns are a great option for a production meat breed and homestead or backyard rabbitries. Ours Mature early and weigh 9-10.5lbs as seniors.  Our 12 week old's are weighing in at 4.5-5lbs. They are mild in temperament, and very sweet if handled. They make great mothers.  Our does average 7-10 kids.  And they are gorgeous!

Idaho Meadows Farm
(IMF Rabbitry)

Argent Bruns

New Beginnings: years ago, when my kids were young and in 4-H, we raised Champagne d'Argents. Loved the breed, but rumors of chocolate, Mocha colored Argentes intrigued me.  Attending a fair a couple years ago with my grandkids, now in 4-H, the bunny bug bit me and I have yet to recover! I was determined to seek out these mythical creatures.  It is harder then it looks to track down these beautiful buns.  We brought in our first breeding pair of Argente Bruns from Jordon Minor in California. Tragically, my buck cage was broken into by a neighbor's dog and he was killed. We have since picked up a breeding pair from Texas and are currently working to get a trio from breeders in Louisiana.    We raise rabbits for fun, meat, & Show.

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